About Us

Our Profile

Kelteve is a fast growing technology company that is specialist in the design of agile local and web based software for user defined needs, the development of hardware systems that optimise, automate and advance daily life processes in home, office, business, school and industry. Our services range from smart technology and solutions consultancy for small to medium enterprises to the designing of tailor made high end technological systems using the integration of hardware, IoT and Web Based computing to make interaction with the digital world modest and optimum for our clients. We also enhance the user experience on the web through the designing of websites, development of web tools and web accessories.

Our Calling

To make the world a better place by the deployment of assistive innovative technologies.

Our Mission

We are passionate about contributing to the adoption of new technologies and the optimisation of; systems, life, education and business by providing the best needs based solutions to all groups in the digital space through advanced technology.

Our Culture

We value honesty and incorruptibility. 

We are champions of novel solutions.

We strive to meet or surpass customer expectation

We embrace change so as to remain relevant and significant.

We always seek to collaborate and share expertise