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Auction system

Exchange rate pandemic :Auction System

Over the years, Zimbabwe has shuffled many macroeconomic policies in a bid to stabilise the economy. Some policies were successful whilst some aided to the further destruction  of the economy. And no, it wasn’t just a matter of the lack of sound policies. Resistance of such policies by the public has largely contributed to their…
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A depiction of frustration

15 things frustrating for most Zimbabweans

15 things that frustrate Zimbabweans is the article for you today. Please note that it is not a representative of what everyone finds frustrating. I tried my best to fish out the most common frustrations that most Zimbabweans have. Therefore in today’s article you will find the 15 things that majority of Zimbabweans find frustrating.…
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Paying taxes comparable to death?

Economists site this quote by Benjamin Franklin, “in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” This quote it quite interesting. I mean how can tax be equated to something unbearable, so heartbreaking and devastating like death? Why death though? It’s because death is the truth people never talk about, but it will certainly…
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Informal sector

Invest in the informal sector

For some time now, Zimbabwe has been slowly migrating from a formal to a highly informal economy. Economists argue that such an economy (informal) does not foster the sustainable economic development of a nation. What choice is there any way when everyone has tuned into survival mode?  Dear reader, if you are new here then…
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ZimDollar Reserve Bank

Whip on the ZimDollar!

Zimbabwe has experienced quite a chunk of macro-economic problems. The ZimDollar has had the most of the beating in multiple re-introductions and rejections. Macro-economic problems are not something new. Every nation under the sun has at least one of these challenges; unemployment, unbalanced payment statuses, inflation and many more. State of the economy It is…
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